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​Do you ever wonder how your neighbors get their lawns to look lush and green? The secret lies in lawn fertilization. Fertilization plays an integral role in making your lawn look picture perfect season after season. Like most plants, lawns require key nutrients for proper growth to occur. Oftentimes, lawns aren’t able to get all the nutrients they need naturally. That is where fertilization steps in. Fertilization provides your lawn with the nutrients it is deprived of in order to better the overall health of the grass. A healthy lawn doesn’t just look even and green, it needs to have better water absorption, protect itself from pests, and less weeds surrounding it, competing in soaking up the lands natural nutrients. Lawn Fertilization is the process that will get you to having a green lawn you love.

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​Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

​The key to achieving a beautiful lawn lies in properly educating yourself. Your lawn needs the correct nutrients in order to survive (and thrive). You need to know what your lawn needs and how often. This will vary depending upon the area in which you live and the grass you have. Additionally, diseases, insects, environmental and weather conditions, and inconsistent moisture levels in the soil can all jeopardize the overall health of your lawn. One of the best ways to combat these potential problems is to provide your lawn with the right nutrients.  Thanks to lawn fertilization, providing those nutrients for lawn growth is made possible.

​Benefits of lawn fertilization include:

Faster Recovery: If your lawn is experiencing discoloration or dry patches, it has likely been affected by a lack of water, high temperatures, insect damage, lawn disease, and/or harmful weeds. A proper lawn fertilizing schedule will contribute to a rapid recovery.

​Faster Growth: Grass needs to grow quickly in order to reach a high lawn quality.

Resistance to Weather/Environmental Conditions: An adequately fertilized lawn provides resistance to stress conditions, like extreme weather and heavy foot traffic. The more nutrients your lawn has, the better equipped it is to survive through these conditions.

​Vibrant Color: Lawn fertilization is a primary contributor to providing that richly vibrant and green lawn you love. The combination of adequate moisture levels and nitrogen (the ingredient highly associated with deeper hues) gives your lawn a healthy sheen.

High Density: Thick grass makes your lawn look better, but it doesn’t stop there. It also aids in weed control by taking up all available space, so weeds have no room to take root.

​Lower Temperature: Healthy grass can eliminate up to 50% of heat in the surrounding area because of a process called transpiration.

​When To Fertilize Your Lawn

​Fertilizing your lawn might sound like an easy process, but setting an effective fertilizing schedule can present several challenges. Too much fertilizer can can your lawn to burn. Contrastly, not enough fertilizer can leave a lawn susceptible to weeds and poor growth. Finding a proper balance is essential for lawn health. Most lawns benefit from an annual fertilizer feeding in the fall, so your lawn can prepare for winter with proper nutrients. It is also a good time to fertilize in the spring because that is when grass begins its growth cycle. It is good to fertilize warm season grasses with a slow-release formula at the start of the spring, summer and fall seasons. Cool season grass is slightly lower maintenance, and you can fertilize it in the spring and fall. You don’t usually need to fertilize cool season grass in the summer as it tends to go dormant.

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