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​Mowing your grass has become a part of most lawn owners weekly chore list. Lawn mowing is the most common practice in lawn care.​ Whether it’s a one time treatment or ongoing lawn care and maintenance, local professionals are here at your convenience to provide you with the service(s) you need. ​Are you ready to have a lawn your neighbors are green with envy over? Call our lawn care experts today!

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Lawn mowing is also the most frequently done landscaping practice. It typically takes just 30 minutes to mow the average home lawn (10,000 square feet), which is time that adds up. While lawn mowing may seem simple, every time you cut your grass, you are either one step closer to lush and healthy looking grass or crippling its chances of survival. Proper mowing doesn’t give your lawn an attractive appearance, it also increases the density of your grass. When done correctly, you will groom healthy, strong, and drought tolerant grass. Improper lawn mowing can open your lawn up to environmental stresses, making it challenging for your lawn to flourish.

​What is Lawn Mowing?

​Lawn Mowing is the periodic cutting of a turfgrass lawn to a specified height. Like other green plants, Turfgrasses go through the process of photosynthesis in order to grow and prosper. Lawn mowing that is too close reduces the amount of leaf area available for photosynthesis and become less tolerant to environmental stresses. This can make your turf more prone to weed invasion in turn may reduce plant strength. Although it’s possible to successfully maintain a closely cut lawn, the shorter root system will result in a need for more frequent watering and fertilization to compensate for reduced ability to obtain water and nutrients from the soil. Therefore, it is desirable to maintain your lawn at the highest cutting height that looks good and is acceptable for the intended use of the turf. For most lawns, a cutting height of 2 to 3 inches is best.

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