​Antioch, ​CA Sprinkler Blowout and Winterization

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Professional and Efficient Sprinkler System Blowouts

Before the wrath of winter arrives, it is crucial to winterize your sprinklers. If the water is not correctly drained from your irrigation system and then freezes, it could cause your pipes and other components to burst or become damaged. Meaning that next spring your underground lawn sprinkler system will not work properly.
Our technicians winterize your sprinkler system by shutting off the water at the main valve that distributes water throughout the system, removing the back-flow preventer, allowing the water to drain out, and removing the water from the underground pipes, sprinkler heads and valves with compressed air to ensure your system won't freeze and potentially be damaged. Get in touch today to get your residential or commercial ​Antioch, CA irrigation blowout scheduled this fall.

​Residential and Commercial Irrigation System Blowouts

Our Process For Irrigation Blowouts in ​Antioch, CA:

  • ​Turning off water at the main valve (if needed)
  • ​Removing the back-flow preventer and draining the water from it
  • ​Removing the water from each zone via compressed air
  • ​Turning off your controller when the job is done

​We Take ​Antioch, CA Irrigation Blowouts Seriously

​Sprinkler blowouts should only be performed by trained professionals who know sprinkler systems inside and out. Improper procedures for a fall blow out can result in excessive pressure that could cause damage to your irrigation system, plus flying debris could cause injury to you or someone else who is standing nearby. Getting in touch with our irrigation professionals helps keep your system from being damaged.

​Antioch, CA Sprinkler Blowout Experts

​Our entire team is comprised of experienced, professional, and passionate personnel who thoroughly enjoy their jobs. You can see their passion at work during the process of blowing out your sprinkler system efficiently and with the top quality of our finished product, a system that is winterized and ready for the cold months ahead. Your property is in trusted hands with our snow removal professionals.

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